Flower Show School Course 4
June 13-15, 2019
Champaign, Illinois

Course 4 brochure and registration form
Note: Accredited Judges can use Course 4 to refresh their judging credentials -- see Page 116 (V.A.1) in NGC Handbook for Flower Shows, 2017 Revised Edition.

Horticulture and Flower Show Procedure

Instructor: David Robson
Horticulture topics: Heuchera and African Violets, and the Botanical Arts Horticulture Section
David Robson is a retired horticulture and pesticide safety specialist with the University of Illinois. A graduate of Iowa State University and University of IL, he has taught for more than 37 years.  He is an NGC Flower Show School and Symposium instructor, teaching Horticulture and Flower Show Procedures. He worked on the 2017 Handbook for Flower Shows, and the NGC Horticulture Exhibiting and Judging book.  He currently serves on the NGC Flower Show Schools Committee as Chairman of Horticulture and Flower Show Procedure Instructors.


Instructor: Madelyn Hucker
Design topics: Abstract Designs and the Botanical Arts Design Section
In addition to being a Master Judge and NGC Design Instructor, Madelyn is a member of her local garden club, 3 design study groups, the National Association of Floral Arrangers and World Association of Floral Artists.  She stays active designing for local, state, regional and national meetings/conventions and was a participant in WAFA's first American hosted World Flower Show in Boston, 2011 and the 11th World Flower Show 2014 in Dublin, Ireland.  Madelyn enjoys teaching design courses around the country and getting to know local culture and design styles.  She also presents hands-on design workshops, providing tips on florist mechanics and highlighting new NGC designs.  Madelyn loves making “something out of nothing” and is a strong advocate for repurposing materials. If it's discarded, artful uses can be found.  She and her husband enjoy traveling, photography, gardening and scuba diving.

Required Reading

The following required reading list applies to all Flower Show School courses. Students should read pages as noted in Student Outlines provided by each course instructor.

Recommended Reading

All books may be obtained directly through NGC member services: NGC Headquarters, 4401 Magnolia Ave., St. Louis, MO 63110, Phone: (800) 550-6007 Email: headquarters@gardenclub.org

Books may be ordered online at the official NGC Store, www.shopgardenclub.org

Past Courses
Flower Show School Course 1 was held October 5-7, 2017, in Champaign, Illinois, and has been accredited by National Garden Clubs Inc.

Flower Show School Course 2 was held April 19-21, 2018, in Champaign, Illinois, and has been accredited by National Garden Clubs, Inc.

Flower Show School Course 3 was held October 25-27, 2018, in Springfield, Illinois, and has been accredited by National Garden Clubs, Inc.

Come and join us for Flower Show School!  

Flower Show School is not only for prospective flower show exhibitors and judges, but also for all garden club members and all persons interested in flower design and horticulture. While the primary purpose of these courses is to train those wishing to become flower show judges, many people attend for information only and those people do not have to take the examinations!

The horticulture curriculum consists of basic general information on proper gardening techniques from seed / plant selection to plant culture and control of problems. Information is also presented on cultural needs of specific perennials, annuals, trees and shrubs, as well as fruits, vegetables and nuts and how to grow superior container plants.

Design instruction covers traditional floral arrangements through contemporary styles and even designs incorporating lights and motors. Many attendees are particularly interested in table setting designs showing coordination of floral centerpiece, linens and dishes. Vignettes, small segments of rooms, also give ideas on interior decorating.

Here are ten top reasons you should consider going to Flower Show School.  You will

1. acquire detailed information about how specific plants grow.
2. learn the different types of NGC designs.
3. create designs by applying the Elements and Principles of Design.
4. write flower show schedules while experiencing fun in doing so.
5. develop an appreciation of different flowers and plants with an eye for details.
6. learn to how collect and display horticulture exhibits.
7. become knowledgeable about the different Scale of Points and how this tool is used in judging.
8. make friends with many different people from different areas.
9. enjoy the fun, work and satisfaction of putting on a flower shows.
10. most of all, you will develop a life-long learning for the beauty and abundance of our natural world.

— Kerry Krokos | Western Acres Garden Club, Wisconsin